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Benefits of Mobility Assistance Devices 
Mobility aids bring huge relief to people having age or health-related mobility problems. Generally, those having disabilities, loss of body strength, and injuries use mobility devices. These aids are also great for aged adults and those who are at risk of falling. These aids help individuals become less dependent on caregivers. They also help decrease pain and boost the self-esteem of the affected person. 

If you are a caregiver for someone with mobility problems, you want to improve their quality of life. And the mobility assistance devices can drastically improve the overall quality of life of the individual. 

ExtendaTouch is an online support group for family caregivers where you can always connect with our fellow caregivers to get help, ideas, and information about mobility aids for your loved one. Having cared for people with mobility issues for years, many of our members have gained the experience to recommend reliable and helpful devices. You can even ask them about their experience with different mobility aids. 

Types of Mobility Assistance Devices 
What type of aid your loved one needs depends on the nature of the disability, mobility problems, and overall strength and health. A doctor or orthopedics specialist can help you select the right type of device for your care recipient. The common mobility support devices include walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, prosthetic devices, canes, and crutches. 

You can even ask our members at ExtendaTouch’s support group for mobility for their opinions about and experience with specific devices. They can provide you a neutral viewpoint. And if you need emotional support while caring for a person with mobility problems, our members are always there for you. They can provide you support, information, and advice based on their experiences.

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Our loved one is a child with limited mobility. I can support you with ideas on school accommodations, various devices and finding work arounds for various tasks for those with arthritis and similar mobility issues. Our latest adventure is an adaptive driving evaluation.
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