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Are you a caregiver caring for someone with arthritis?
Have you ever had an arthritis-related question, but just stuck with the massive amount of online articles? You probably could have benefitted from the help of a real person who had similar experiences caring for someone with arthritis.

We are your free online platform that is a personal helpline: 

  • Have you wondered what other patients have experienced from a specific treatment?
  • Has someone else faced a particular insurance issue where you are struggling?
  • What if you have a tip to share you think others might benefit?

These are just some examples of the kind of questions you may be able to find through ExtendaTouch, an online resource for the arthritis caregivers. All types of people gather to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life while providing care for their loved ones.

Sometimes it is comforting to and receive some emotional support. ExtendaTouch online platform is packed full of stories, friendly advice, and resources that can help you feel part of a positive network. We are the only online service where you can connect and chat with family caregivers like you.

If you want to share own experiences of managing arthritis or learn more about the challenges and successes others have experienced, use the tools provided to you here to find other caregivers. The ExtendaTouch arthritis helpline will help to connect you with actual people who face the same everyday experiences and challenges.

You can feel safe expressing yourself or learning about your most pressing questions about arthritis. ExtendaTouch is anonymous, always free, here to assist you in meeting other family caregivers to find information and support. ExtendaTouch is a gathering place for unpaid family caregivers.

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rebekahkelley, Coach
Hi everyone! My name is Rebekah and I work in a nursing home in central Georgia. Arthritis is a common condition for the elderly and can impact many aspects of their lives. I would love to offer any assistance that I can so please reach out if you have any questions or would simply like someone to speak to. Take care, Rebekah K.
I haven't gave help yet but i am interning for arthritis patients.
I have almost 2 decades of experience raising a child with polyarticular JIA (6mos to 17y) without remission. ave a ton of experience with 504 and IEPs for school, prep for college and various types of meds and treatments.
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a malefemale
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a female
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a malefemale
Experiencedcaregiver, Coach
I cared for an 90-year-old woman who had severe arthritis and Parkinson's. During that time, we treated her arthritic hands with hot wax and gloves twice daily.
I care(d) a total of 10 years for a female
I have severe arthritis pain. I used to get some temporary relief from otc creams, but now, they increase the pain.
krega31, Coach
does anyone have personal experience with Arthritis?