Dementia Helpline: Dementia Community, Caregiver Support Group

Dementia is not a single disease. It describes an array of different medical conditions and a group of symptoms affecting memory loss, cognitive problems, and psychological changes. Most causes of dementia is Alzheimer's; however, many different diseases can cause it as well. Dementia-related diseases are widespread, affecting more than 49 million people worldwide.

A dementia diagnosis is like falling into a well with no bottom. The road ahead is uncertain and difficult. It will affect both the person with the condition and everyone around them. There are plenty of resources that will provide help and support for everybody involved. Contacting a dementia helpline for yourself or a loved one can be challenging, but ExtendaTouch is here to help connect you with other family caregivers.

Whether you want to share your own experiences about managing dementia or learn more about the challenges and successes others have experienced, the ExtendaTouch dementia community will enable you to connect with actual people who experience the same daily challenges. ExtendaTouch is completely free and is packed full of stories, friendly advice, and resources that can help you feel part of a positive community. All types of people gather to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life while providing care for their loved ones.

How can ExtendaTouch help me?

The ExtendaTouch community consists of unpaid family caregivers across the entire U.S. ExtendaTouch provides online tools for community members to share information and support; perhaps even helpful tips about:

  • Coping with symptoms
  • Preserving skills and function
  • Dementia caregiver support
  • Common signs of dementia
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

You can feel safe in the ExtendaTouch anonymous community expressing yourself or learning from other caregivers about your most pressing questions. ExtendaTouch is here to assist you in meeting other family caregivers to find information and support. ExtendaTouch doesn't provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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