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How ExtendaTouch works
What does ExtendaTouch do?

ExtendaTouch provides peer connections for an entirely free, safe, and confidential online caregiver service. We assist by pairing caregivers with the same highly specific and sensitive issues at critical moments.

Caregiving usually begins with unexpected events. New caregivers find themselves unprepared, uninformed, and unequipped to handle the myriad of new responsibilities. Long term caregivers suffer from isolation and stress that often causes them to neglect their own health and die before their care recipients.

We will provide partnership opportunities with the thousands of established associations, organizations, and services that currently assist many caregivers. The members of these groups can generously provide knowledge, support and assistance reciprocally to ExtendaTouch caregivers.

How is ExtendaTouch is Helping Caregivers.

With so many caregivers needing additional assistance, we are pursuing expanded caregiver support with a sense of urgency. ExtendaTouch will assume the challenge of relevantly matching caregivers who engage in supporting care-recipients with critical or chronic issues. Millions of caregivers have a fundamental reason to gain access to other caregivers in times of crisis, particularly now with Covid-19 adding an additional burden. ExtendaTouch focuses on supporting those caregivers with rapid, multiple connections.

At ExtendaTouch, more experienced and informed caregivers share their information, tips and lessons learned with less-experienced caregivers. New caregivers can review the information that they acquire with their medical practitioners and then share their knowledge with others who have similar needs. Long-term caregivers who suffer from isolation, lack of self-care, and mental health issues will find emotional support and a lifesaving connection.

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Covid-19 Support

For COVID-19 patients, the initial respiratory physiotherapy priority is to keep the airway clear and unobstructed of sputum to enable sufficient oxygen to the lungs.

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ExtendaTouch is entirely free and universally accessible.

All requests to connect are optional, so members can connect with whom they wish to communicate.

Screen names are anonymous, and passwords are entirely private to members.

ExtendaTouch does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always consult with a qualified physician for any medical advice that is offered.
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