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andyc, ExtendaTouch facilitator
Cultural competence is required to provide quality caregiving. It takes into account age, gender identity, sexual preference, race, ethnicity, culture, English proficiency, and literacy. A culturally competent caregiver is interested, respectful, and responsive to their care recipient's beliefs and preferences. We added Cultural Competence to ExtendaTouch so you can discuss and learn about its exceptional value. I am willing to discuss the importance of Cultural Competence with anyone questioning or needing assistance in providing it for their care recipient.
I'm an Asian that currently lives in America. In this day and age, technology are very advanced and cultural competence feels more prevalent than ever thanks to social medias. I am willing to help by giving my own view as in the social media, I have interacted with various people from many nations and even befriended some them. I also willing to learn other cultures as well as it is interesting.