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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a life-long disorder that causes people to have unmanageable and frequent obsessions or compulsions. OCD affects pretty much all facets of life, such as school, work, and even personal relationships, making it very difficult to cope for you or your loved one. However, you are not alone.

OCD is common, and there are many resources available to help you or your loved one find support. Seeking out an OCD support group online or an OCD helpline can be incredibly helpful when managing your or your loved one's condition. However, many find this to be a challenging step to take. Luckily, ExtendaTouch is here to help. If you would like to share your own experiences about managing OCD or learn more about the challenges and successes others have experienced, the ExtendaTouch OCD community will enable you to connect with actual people who face the same everyday experiences and challenges.

ExtendaTouch is entirely free and is packed full of stories, friendly advice, and resources that can help you feel part of a positive community. All types of people gather to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life while providing care for their loved ones.

How can ExtendaTouch's OCD helpline help me?

The ExtendaTouch community consists of unpaid family caregivers across the entire U.S. ExtendaTouch provides online tools for community members to share information and support; perhaps even current news about:

  • Avoiding specific triggers
  • Managing side effects
  • Helping your child with OCD get through school
  • Therapies and alleviation techniques

OCD Chat

You can feel safe expressing yourself or reading about your most pressing questions about OCD. ExtendaTouch is here to assist you in meeting other family caregivers to find information and support. ExtendaTouch doesn't provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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Need help with OCD
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a male
I care(d) a total of 2 years for a malefemale
Trying to help her; making her to understand there is no infection in every thing; she touches.
I care(d) a total of 10 years for a female
I feel very alone struggling with OCD. It seems like people that have never had OCD don't understand it well.
I guess it's hard to explain I'm suffering with OCD I guess all my life it's always been there but ever since the last 11 years it's been torture and I've been in and out of hospitals but with everything going on in the world today it's very hard to not be triggered I guess with a lot of it bringing you down I wind up hyperfocusing and trying to get something right in my life as and my focus is my hair I cut it and then I cut it too much and I cut it to try to fix it in my mind I think I have to fix it I have to fix it and then I spent hours and hours hyper focusing on it checking and rechecking and it's just getting to the point where I feel like I'm a failure and I can't get anything right I've even gone to different salons to try to fix it only they have to get it worse and then I'm back at it again I feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes and my loved ones don't understand and they want to help but they can't really understand and I'm neglecting them and myself I'm really having a hard time I'm ready to shave it all off and not even care anymore I just want to be normal I just want to be me but old me... 😥
I feel like I’m drowning in intrusive thoughts
My 17 year old son’s OCD triggers when getting out of bed. I’m afraid to call up “are you getting up?” Because he has said sometimes it is right in the middle of an episode and he has to start again and sometimes the number of times he needs to hit is 23 so he is late to school every morning. Problem is, he is also a teen and sometimes is just hitting the snooze button. He is very honest about this but I don’t know what to do. Do I let him be late to school and his job? He is annoyed by being parented and wants independence but I don’t know how to set up boundaries and expectations to guide us. Any ideas?
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a male
I'm currently struggling with OCD, planning to see a therapist soon but in the meantime I would appreciate some support from fellow sufferers. I'm here for anyone who wants to vent 2, feel free to message me.
Just need to talk to someone about my OCD. It’s getting worse
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a non-binary