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A very significant chunk of debates that surround human rights issues includes that of gender discrimination. Feminism has held the interest of sociologists for a very long time, and while the Suffragette movement may have made some drastic changes to the way women move about in society, many problems still exist. Whether they are hidden subtly in the system such as the wage gap or are outright displays of misogyny, such as the common practice of femicide in many parts of the world, it is clear that women still face a great deal of discrimination simply by virtue of being women.

With sexism still rampant across the country, women affinity groups are now prevalent. Many women now depend on having such groups within organizations to feel safe and heard. ExtendaTouch’s online affinity group for women not only provides you an opportunity to socialize and express yourself freely, but also expand your social and professional network. It is an excellent online platform to network with women from leadership roles and diverse backgrounds who can provide you advice for personal and career development.

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Inclusion practices in the American workplace commonly include diversity across races and sexual orientations. Combating gender-based discrimination is helping to diversify the workforce and bring women on par with men. While many women are now onboard leadership team and have senior positions in corporations, gender discrimination has not been fully eliminated.

ExtendaTouch’s online affinity groups provide women across America an opportunity to start communication, provide support, exchange ideas, tackle common problems, and nurture a work environment within an organization where women feel comfortable. Join our community now and play your part in giving and getting the support needed to find your place.

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