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Everyone is aware of smoking-related health risks, yet not all smokers can quit smoking easily. Nicotine in cigarettes makes it a potent addiction, which is why it gets really tough to stop smoking. However, with the right support and method, you can conquer the cravings. Remember that smoking is not only a physical addiction but also a psychological trap. Many people go for nicotine replacement therapy, but there is no guarantee it will work for everyone. Furthermore, it is like getting addicted to one substance to quit the other.

ExtendaTouch's online support group for quitting smoking has members who have successfully stopped smoking. You can use our smoking addiction helpline to connect with those members and ask them about the methods they used to quit smoking. Share your experience and challenges with our fellow members, and they can direct you to helpful information and resources to free yourself from nicotine addiction.

Quit Smoking Helpline
While it is challenging to stop smoking, there are many success stories of people who have gone from 2 - 3 packets of cigarettes a day to zero, altogether. They didn't even experience any cravings or psychological cramps after immediately quitting smoking.

It is a good idea for existing smokers who want to quit to get in touch with those who have successfully stopped the habit. They can share valuable tips and techniques with you. You can find such people on ExtendaTouch's quit-smoking helpline. Other individuals on our online support group can provide you emotional support and share with you their experiences and resources to quit smoking.

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