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Wet Macular Degeneration
Wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration are two common types of eye problems that affect millions of people worldwide. Like dry AMD, the wet form of the disease also causes blurred vision or a blind spot in the patient’s visual field. It can also cause the patient to view straight lines as curvy or round. WMD happens when abnormal blood vessels leak, causing fluids or blood to enter the macula. The risk factors for wet macular degeneration include aging, genetic problems, obesity, smoking, and underlying health problems, such as high blood pressure. Routine eye exams by an eye doctor can help diagnose the condition early on.

ExtendaTouch has a dedicated support group for vision problems. Our group has other individuals who have had experience with WMD or have cared for people with eye problems. Our members are friendly and available to share their experiences with you. They can provide you more information about the disease and tell you how to diagnose the early signs of macular degeneration. Request contact with our experienced members, and start exchanging information.

Support for WMD Patients and Caregivers
Eye care is the best way to avoid macular degeneration. Make sure to go for routine eye exams so that any initial eye problem can be diagnosed and treated before it becomes severe. During your consultation with a doctor, be sure to share your complete medical history because many health problems can also cause vision problems.

Living with wet macular degeneration or caring for someone with the problem is a big challenge. The patient requires complete support if the disease has become severe. However, proper caregiving can help improve their quality of life to a greater extent.

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed caring for a loved one with the disease, you should seek emotional support. Discuss your difficulties with your loved ones and family members. It is also a good idea to seek support from our helpful fellow caregivers at ExtendaTouch. Many ExtendaTouch members have more experience and knowledge about eye problems, and they are available to provide you reliable information, advice, and emotional support.

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