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Dry Macular Degeneration and Risks Factors
Dry macular degeneration is a form of macular degeneration whereby the patient experiences blurred or decreased central vision and blind spots. This vision problem mostly affects people aged above 50 years. It occurs when the macula which plays a vital role in providing you clear vision, becomes thin. The risk factors for this condition include aging, genetic tendencies, race, smoking, obesity, and heart diseases.

If you think you have Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration AMD, you should have the condition diagnosed and treated because delay in treatment can lead to further complications. The common treatments for this eye health problem include low vision rehabilitation and surgical telescopic lens implantation.

ExtendaTouch has an online support group for vision problems. Our fellow members can provide you information and advice about the stages, complications, diagnosis, and treatments for DMD. Our members can even share with you their experiences with the treatment or caregiving for someone who has the problem. Contact our members who relate and start exchanging information.

Online Support for Vision Problems
Living with AMD is challenging, especially if there is a delay in treatment. The patient will feel socially isolated, experience advanced loss of vision, and even have hallucinations. If you are a caregiver for a loved one with dry macular degeneration, it is your responsibility to help the patient get treatment. Keep in mind that DMD is not the same as wet macular degeneration (WMD). Head over to the National Eye Institute for more information on the subject.

Living with DMD or caring for someone with the condition involves many challenges. ExtendaTouch is an online caregiver support group where you can meet people who relate. Our family caregivers and members can provide you emotional support and share their experiences with you. They can even recommend helpful resources and give you friendly advice.

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