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VA Health Care Support
The US Department of Veteran Affairs is a federal agency that provides health care services to qualified veterans. Many military veterans suffer from health problems, including cognitive conditions, later in life. If not diagnosed and treated earlier, their health problems can limit their activities of daily living.

As a family caregiver for a veteran with health problems, you know the challenges your loved one experiences daily. No matter what their underlying health issues, it is always a noble job to support our veterans during their time of need.

ExtendaTouch has a VA helpline where veterans and their caregivers can connect and share information with each other. Our friendly members are available to provide you with emotional support, no matter if you are a veteran with health problems or a caregiver for an ailing veteran. Request contact with our experienced and knowledgeable members to start getting support.

Veterans Caregiver Support
Caring for someone with health problems can be challenging, especially when the patient is suffering from cognitive or mobility issues. Many aged veterans experience these problems, and in most cases, family members take charge of looking after their loved ones. However, full-time caregiving comes with many side effects for the caregiver. You may experience physical and emotional exhaustion. Caregiving is stressful, but when you connect with the right people out there and get the necessary support, you can cope with the associated challenges.

ExtendaTouch exists to connect you with people with similar experiences. We have a dedicated online support group for veterans and their caregivers. Our fellow members are open to sharing their experiences with you, besides extending emotional support to you and the veteran you are caring for. You can always use our support services to improve your loved one's quality of life.

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