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Cognitive Therapies for Veterans
Mental health conditions are common among veterans because they are exposed to many traumatic experiences during their service. Some of the common cognitive problems among military veterans include anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The signs of cognitive problems are mild at the start; however, they become severe over time. Timely diagnosis and treatment can help our veterans overcome these mental health conditions and relieve their family members of the concerns for their loved ones.

Veterans with PTSD should consider getting cognitive-behavioral therapies at the earliest possible. The good news is that VA health care covers most types of mental health problems. You can also get more information and advice about therapies for veterans from support services, such as our veterans' helpline at ExtendaTouch. Connect with other veterans and caregivers for veterans on our online support group to know about their experiences with different cognitive treatments. Our members are friendly and available to provide support.

Veterans Helpline
Getting help from the people who relate is an effective way to cope with mental conditions. Consider getting help from your family members. Share your problems with your friends and trusted connections. They can provide you emotional support and direct you to helpful resources to cope with your cognitive issues.

ExtendaTouch's online veterans' group has individuals who have had similar experiences and have successfully coped with the conditions. Connect with our members to get emotional support and helpful advice to overcome your challenges. Our members can tell you about therapies that worked for them and share useful resources and information with you. Contact our members now and start getting help.

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