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EMDR Therapy for Anxiety
EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has become an effective alternative to anxiety and trauma treatments. Many veterans experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of being exposed to crises and traumatic events on the battlefield. As a veteran, you know how severely a traumatic event can affect your quality of life. It can affect your mental health, triggering negative thoughts about yourself, and eventually result in constant anxiety.

Fortunately, there are therapies available for PTSD, and one of the popular and effective ways to overcome your negative thoughts is EMDR therapy. This therapy is grounded in many different theories of mental treatments, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It involves the use of eye and hand movements and audio simulation to generate a positive effect.

ExtendaTouch veterans' support group is here to help you and other veterans in crisis to connect with fellow veterans who have gone through similar circumstances. You can also meet many family caregivers for veterans in our online support group. They can provide you with more details about EMDR therapy for anxiety.

Veterans Helpline
If you are a veteran with an anxiety disorder or a caregiver for a veteran with the condition, consider getting EMDR therapy. ExtendaTouch has a dedicated online veterans crisis line that you can use to meet with people who relate and have similar experiences. They can provide you with support and essential advice, in addition to sharing their experiences with you. Many of our members have experience with EMDR, and they can tell you whether it is an effective therapy and what to expect during and after the treatment.

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