Helpline: Cerebral Palsy Support

Cerebral Palsy is a group of permanent disorders that affect the development of movement and posture and causes growth and activity limitations due to lack of oxygen to the brain in utero or at birth. A diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy is given by the age of 4.

Care for a child with CP is a long-term process, intended to provide the child and their family the best possible quality of life. Approaches such as comprehensive rehabilitation, specialist medical care, and psychological and social support can cause much stress and anxiety in families.

Caring for a loved one with Cerebral Palsy can be very challenging, ExtendaTouch Cerebral Palsy Support group is here to help you connect with other caregivers to discuss concerns, questions, or give friendly advice.

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livedthroughthestory, Coach
My niece, Ashlynn, was born with Cerebral Palsy. She was diagnosed at 18 months. Ashlynn has been through many procedures. She is unable to walk or feed herself. I help Ashlynn to bathe, eat, take medications, and play with her, which she really enjoys. After 6 years, I have gained a tremendous amount of heartfelt experience and I would be happy to share my journey with anyone who would like to connect with me and lend an ear. I know caring for someone with Cerebral Palsy is a big job and I'd love to hear your story.
I care(d) a total of 6 years for a female