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Parkinson's Symptoms Early Stages
Parkinson's is a common type of neurological disease that affects millions of people around the world. When diagnosed and treated early, the patient's quality of life can considerably improve. The early warning signs of Parkinson's Disease include:

  • cramped handwriting
  • shaky hands and fingers
  • stiff limbs
  • sleep disorders
  • change in voice
  • movement disorders, such as slowing of movement
  • tight facial appearance

The risk factors for the disease include high blood pressure, genetic disorders, and exposure to toxins. Understanding Parkinson's and its symptoms early can help you get better and timely advice diagnosis or treatment for the patient.

ExtendaTouch has an online helpline for Parkinson's, where you can ask people with more experience with the disease for help. Our support group is full of family caregivers for people with Parkinson. Many of our members are more experienced and available to provide you useful advice and information that can help you get better treatment for your loved one and slow down the effects of the disorder. Request contact with our members who relate and have your questions and concerns addressed.

Emotional Support
As a caregiver for someone with advanced-stage Parkinson's, you already know the associated challenges. Caregiving can get stressful and overwhelming at times. If you feel like you are about to hit the caregiver burnout, be sure to get emotional support from the right people out there, including your family members. Also, consider joining online support groups and helplines for Parkinson's.

ExtendaTouch has a dedicated group for Parkinson's family caregivers. Our members know what you are going through because they have been through similar situations. They are available to lift your spirit and provide you emotional support. They can also share some practical ideas with you to improve caregiving for your loved one without exhausting yourself.

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