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Treatment for Osteoporosis
While osteoporosis cannot be fully reversed or treated, understanding the risk factors and following the doctor's recommendations can help manage the condition. Calcium and vitamin D deficiency can make the bone health worse and increase the risk that the patient may end up breaking a bone. To reduce risk, the doctor may recommend calcium and vitamin D supplements. Besides, physical activity, exercise, and diet can help slow down osteoporosis.

Caregivers for people with osteoporosis need to acquaint themselves with the treatment and management of the disease. Educating yourself, and you will be able to provide quality care to your loved one. ExtendaTouch has an online support group for osteoporosis. You can join it and get support and information from our fellow caregivers, many of whom are more experienced and knowledgeable in managing the disease. They can provide you valuable advice about how to improve the quality of life of your loved one with the disease.

Getting Online Support
While your loved one's doctor will provide you professional advice about managing your care recipient's osteoporosis, you should also think about getting online support from people who have gone through similar situations. Many support groups exist where you can meet and exchange information with osteoporosis patients and their caregivers.

Fortunately, ExtendaTouch has an online support group for osteoporosis. You can connect with our members and get support. Our members are friendly, compassionate, and available to provide you information and advice. They can even offer you emotional support if you are experiencing emotional, physical, or mental exhaustion while caring for someone with osteoporosis. Moreover, they are available to share their caregiving experience with you so that you can provide better care to your loved one.

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