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Healthy Bones and Prevention of Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a common orthopedic disease that affects millions of people every year, especially elderly adults. It affects the bones and joints, making them weaker and eventually resulting in damage. Osteoporosis can be prevented with awareness and the right advice. Getting enough calcium and vitamin D intake can prevent or slow down this bone disease by improving bone strength. Physical activity, avoiding smoking, and heavy drinking can also help prevent osteoporosis or slow it down.

As a caregiver for someone with osteoporosis, you know how challenging caregiving is. You have to help the person physically and emotionally and provide mental support. In case of severe osteoporosis, the patient requires full-time care. ExtendaTouch has an online caregiver helpline for osteoporosis. Many of our friendly members have looked after their loved ones with osteoporosis. They can share helpful advice, information, and resources with you. You can ask them for ideas to prevent osteoporosis.

Get Information and Support at Our Osteoporosis Helpline
Osteoporosis seems mild at the start, which is why many patients disregard it. But it progresses in stages. Proper diagnosis and treatment at the onset of the disease can considerably slow it down. Caring for a person with the disease reduces the risk of severe conditions whereby the bones or joints may fracture. When the condition becomes severe, it affects the mobility of the affected individual. The pain is often unbearable. It is essential to be proactive and prevent it in the first place before it develops to advance stages.

You may find it hard to balance your personal and work life when caregiving for your loved one with osteoporosis. Many caregivers experience emotional challenges. Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressful are symptoms you, as a caregiver, need support. Not getting help at the right time can result in caregiver burnout. ExtendaTouch support group exists to connect you with people who relate and have more caregiving experience. Our fellow members cannot only provide you useful information and advice but also emotional support to help you cope with the caregiving challenges.

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