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Obesity and Health Problems 
Obesity is a common problem that affects millions of people across the world. Women are more susceptible to being obese. In the US alone, 2 in 3 women are said to be overweight. People who develop obesity are exposed to more health problems, including cardiac diseases, diabetes, bone fractures, and even cancer. Weight gain is a leading factor when it comes to mobility problems among many people. Being overweight and obese means your body weight is above the limit that your bones can withstand. As a result, you can’t move, sit, stand, and walk around like people who have a healthy weight.

Most obese people find it challenging to discuss their weight with a doctor. ExtendaTouch has an online obesity helpline that is full of people who have been through the same situations. Many of our members have coped with obesity and successfully overcame the challenges. They understand your position and feelings and are available to help you and provide you with emotional support. They can even recommend you trusted and reliable doctors that can help you control your body weight and improve your long-term health.

Obesity Helpline 
Obese people not only suffer from mobility issues but also experience lower self-esteem. But with the right strategies, you will not only be able to reduce your weight but also boost your self-confidence. Healthy eating and physical activities are the top two methods to get rid of obesity. Being active, maintaining a healthy weight, and sticking to a healthy diet will improve your mobility and overall health conditions and prevent injuries that may otherwise happen.

There are many support groups for obesity on the internet, such as ExtendaTouch - a dedicated online support community for obesity. You can connect with our members and ask them to share information, tips, ideas, and advice to reduce your weight. Many of our unpaid members are available to share their experiences with you. If you are feeling emotionally down or having lower self-confidence, our members can lift your spirits and provide emotional support. 

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