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Cerebral Palsy - Caregiver Challenges
Dealing with cerebral palsy is one of the many challenges caregivers and families of children with the condition have to face. A child with cerebral palsy requires 24/7 support because they are unable to move around and do activities without assistance. Caregiving for children with CP is a demanding job. You may feel emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. While patience and understanding can help you cope with the stress and challenges, getting help, and emotional support from the right people out there can come as a huge relief.

Consider getting help from your family members and other experienced caregivers who have been through the same situation. There are many support groups on the internet where you can meet people who are available to share their experiences with you and provide emotional support. ExtendaTouch has a dedicated cerebral palsy support helpline. Our fellow caregivers are ready to help you face the caregiving challenges. They can also provide you emotional support and help you balance your life with caregiving. Connect with our members now and start getting support.

Online Support Group for Children With Special Needs
Since cerebral palsy cannot be treated, caregiving for a child suffering from the health problem becomes a full-time job. This exposes caregivers to many challenges. If you feel like you are on the brink of caregiver burnout, head over to cerebral palsy support groups, most of which are available online.

Consider connecting with more experienced caregivers at ExtendaTouch. They will not only help you successfully overcome the associated challenges but also provide you helpful information, ideas, and advice. Many of our fellow caregivers have cared for children with cerebral palsy. You can also find parents of children with the condition in our group. They will help you care for yourself as a caregiver and improve caregiving for your loved one without compromising your own health.

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