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Effects of Amputation Treatment
Amputation treatment involves the surgical removal of the limb, arm, leg, foot, or hand. The amputation of the limbs creates mobility problems for the patient. The loss of a limb itself is physically, mentally, and emotionally traumatic. Moreover, wound healing requires time, and phantom pain can be severe. However, amputation may become inevitable to save the life of the affected person and to improve their quality of life.

Amputation of the limb of a loved one is not only traumatic for the affected person but also for the caregiver. On top of that, family caregivers have the responsibility to take care of the patient’s activities of daily living after the amputation. If you are a primary caregiver for someone who has received amputation treatment, you need emotional and mental support. 

Connecting with people who relate can help you cope with the associated challenges and stress. ExtendaTouch has an online support group for amputation. Our fellow caregivers can provide you emotional support, helping you deal with the overwhelming emotions of seeing a loved one having mobility issues due to amputation.

Getting Support 
Amputation of the limb is a highly invasive procedure. A person who has just lost his leg requires pain management for many months after the treatment. As time passes, the patient will start to get better. However, the emotional and mental agony of losing a limb can be intense. The patient will not be able to move around, which is yet another severe trauma. Getting an artificial limb can help improve the mobility of the person. And assistive devices can help improve their quality of life. Depending on the type of amputation, it is also a good idea to get the patient into a rehabilitation program.

Besides giving you emotional support, ExtendaTouch’s fellow caregivers who have had similar experiences can provide you helpful information and advice about caring for a person after amputation treatment. Our members are friendly and available to share their experiences with you. You can ask them questions and have your concerns addressed. They can provide you details about the treatment, the recovery period, and what to expect after the surgery. Connect with our members now and start exchanging information.

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