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Seasonal Mental Health Disorder
Seasonal mental health disorder is a type of depression that happens due to changes in seasons. The symptoms mostly surface during the fall and continue into the winter. People suffering from mental health conditions experience energy drain and mood swings. The common types of seasonal mental disorders include dissociative disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. 

It is crucial for family members and caregivers of people with this condition to have the type of disorder diagnosed and understand the symptoms and treatments. Besides getting medical treatment, it is also a good idea to connect with more experienced family caregivers. You can find many caregivers with more experience in the subject at ExtendaTouch. Our community members can provide you with emotional support and help you get appropriate medical help for your loved one. 

Caregiver Challenges
As a caregiver for someone with a mental health disorder, you may experience emotional and mental exhaustion, especially if you are a long-term, primary caregiver. Caring for people with mental health issues, such as eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder can be stressful. You must first care for your own health to be able to provide better care to your loved one.

Connecting with people who relate and have more experience as caregivers can be a huge relief. You can find many such people at ExtendaTouch’s online support group for mental health disorders. Our unpaid family caregivers can tell you how to care for yourself and your loved one and help you cope with the associated challenges. They are available to provide you useful information and advice. Connect with our members now and start exchanging information. 

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TheTechGuy, ExtendaTouch facilitator
I have years of experience I can share if it will help. For the first 26 years of my life, I lived in the North East and had horrible winter blues from my seasonal disorder. I now live in the West with lots of sunshine, however, I still use sun lamps with full-spectrum light to augment for cloudy days. Do you use lights to help with your condition?
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I care(d) a total of 30 years for a malefemale