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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes severe mood swings, depression, and emotional imbalances. Coping with, or caring for a loved one with, Bipolar disorder can be very challenging and can lead to feelings of isolation and hopelessness. It is important to know that you are not alone and that there is plenty of help and support readily available for you and your loved ones.

Whether you want to share your own experiences about managing or caring for a loved one with bipolar disorder or learn more about the challenges and successes others have experienced, the ExtendaTouch bipolar community will enable you to connect with actual people who experience the same daily challenges. ExtendaTouch is completely free and is packed full of stories, friendly advice, and resources that can help you feel part of a positive community. All types of people gather to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life while providing care for their loved ones.

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