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Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare is a legal document that gives you the authority to make medical care decisions on behalf of a terminally ill loved one. A person who is on life support has the right to decide the type of treatment they want to receive. If the patient has any wishes about their health care, a power of attorney will make it legally binding that those wishes are taken care of, even if the patient is physically or mentally unable to express their desires. 

Most people give the care power of attorney to their family members and friends. You can get more information on the subject from a notary public, law firm, or attorney for health care.

ExtendaTouch caregivers’ support group has many members who can provide you more information about a healthcare power of attorney. Many of our members have dealt with patients through the process and are available to help you make the best health care decisions for your loved one. Get in touch with our members and enhance your knowledge about the legal document.

Healthcare Decision Making
When a terminally ill individual gives you a power of attorney for healthcare, you can make many different medical decisions on their behalf. You can decide whether to admit the patient to a hospital, discharge them from a hospital, or send them to a nursing home. You can even make decisions about the type of treatments and the patient’s privacy. If you are unable to make a decision, you can always ask a health care agent for help.

Our fellow caregivers at ExtendaTouch can provide you more details about the power of attorney. Many of our members have cared for people through a healthcare power of attorney, and they can share their experience with you. Our community members are also available to provide you with emotional support.

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When I needed power of attorney to pay my father’s bills, etc., my local bank was kind enough to send someone to the house to sign the necessary papers and notarize them. I did not have power of attorney for my brother. I did try to help by filling out his social security disability paperwork, but by the time they had processed and approved his case, he had already passed away.
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I care(d) a total of 1 year for a non-binary
I care(d) a total of 2 years for a male
We have completed several legal documents as my mother ages including advance directive, living trust, power of attorney and medical power of attorney.
I have years of experience I can share if it will help.
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I care(d) a total of 5 years for a malefemale
I have some experience in this subject I can share.
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