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Tachycardia is a common heart disease that occurs when the heart beats more than 100 times while at rest. The condition may not present any symptoms or create severe problems in some cases. However, if it is not treated, it can affect your normal heart function and quality of life. Depending on the severity and type of tachycardia, the patient may experience life-threatening complications, such as stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest.

It is essential to consult with a cardiologist to diagnose and treat this heart disease. Your doctor may prescribe you medications, lifestyle changes, and even surgery to manage your heartbeat. Patients with heart failure in the past are at higher risk of serious complications resulting from this cardiovascular disease. ExtendaTouch has an online support community for tachycardia patients and their caregivers. You can connect with our community to know about their experiences with the disease and the treatments they used. Our friendly members can also provide you emotional support.

Get Help From our Heart Failure Community
Your heart health is of utmost importance for your overall health and quality of life. You can reduce the risk of heart diseases by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, and doing exercises and physical activities. However, it is vital to seek early treatment if you or a loved one is already having tachycardia. Having knowledge of the right information can help you make the right decision and cope with the disease.

ExtendaTouch has an online support forum for heart diseases where patients and caregivers meet to share their experiences and information and get emotional support. Our friendly members can provide you helpful advice, tips, and information about tachycardia, its symptoms, and the treatment options. Use our heart failure community helpline now to get help from people who relate and have more experience and knowledge.

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