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Help for Peripheral Artery Disease
Peripheral artery disease is one of the severe vascular disorders. It happens when the peripheral arteries that transport blood away from the heart to the outer areas, such as the legs, arms, and head, narrow down. It is caused by atherosclerosis that involves plaque buildup in the arteries, mainly due to higher harmful cholesterol levels. The typical symptoms of peripheral artery disease include leg or foot pain or numbness and hip muscle cramping while walking. If not treated, the disease can cause gangrene and even trigger the need for amputation.

While you can consult with a cardiologist to get the condition diagnosed, connecting with people who have had the disease can be a great help. You can find many people with first-hand experience of PAD on ExtendaTouch, an online support group. Many of our fellow members have either had PAD or have cared for someone with the disease. They can provide you more information about the symptoms, besides recommending reliable cardiologists. They can even share with you their experience of living with the disease, the precautionary measures you should take, and the lifestyle changes that can help.

Get Help From our Heart Disease Helpline
Your doctor may recommend physical activities and join an exercise program as part of the treatment for the disease. Stopping smoking and using certain medications may also be part of the recommended treatment.

ExtendaTouch has an online heart disease helpline that you can use to connect with people with heart disease. They can provide you emotional support and information about the treatment options. We also have members who have served as family caregivers for PAD patients. They can share their experiences and helpful resources with you. Request contact with our group members who relate and start exchanging useful information.

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