Heart Attack Helpline: Heart Attack Support

Heart attacks can occur suddenly and can be very dangerous, but most of the time, they come on slowly and show early warning signs such as chest and back pain, queasiness, shoulder pain, and shortness of breath.

Coping with life after you or a loved one has had a heart attack can be very overwhelming and scary, so it is essential to find the support that you need. Contacting a heart attack helpline for yourself or a loved one can be challenging, but ExtendaTouch is here to help connect you with other family caregivers. You may want to share your own experiences about managing life after a heart attack or read about the challenges and successes others have experienced.

The ExtendaTouch heart attack helpline will enable you to connect with actual people who experience the same daily challenges. ExtendaTouch is entirely free and is packed full of stories, friendly advice, and resources that can help you feel part of a positive group. All types of people gather to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life while providing care for their loved ones.

How can ExtendaTouch help me?

The ExtendaTouch group consists of unpaid family caregivers across the entire U.S. ExtendaTouch provides online tools for its members to share information and support; perhaps even helpful tips about:

  • Risk prevention and warning signs
  • Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Recovery and treatment options
  • Healthy diet and nutrition

You can feel safe expressing yourself or reading about your most pressing questions about a heart attack. ExtendaTouch is here to assist you in meeting other family caregivers to find information and support. ExtendaTouch doesn't provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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andyc, ExtendaTouch facilitator
I had a heart attack when I was 48. I took aspirin and got clot busters at the emergency room while I was having the attack. I was stetted. I'm sure it saved my life. 20 years later, I take medicine for cholesterol, go to the gym 5 days a week, eat well, not overweight and get a lot of sleep. Having a heart attack was the start of living a healthy well balanced life.
I care(d) a total of 22 years for a male
I care(d) a total of 1 year for a male
Cared for partner that had heart attack.
I care(d) a total of 4 months for a male
I had a loved one who had several heart attacks during his life. The first was during our first year of marriage - I was 18. If you want some support, I'd be glad to offer it. I am not a cardiologist.
I care(d) a total of 3 years for a male