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Caregiving for Individuals With Down Syndrome
Caregivers for individuals with Down syndrome play a vital role in helping the care recipients live a healthy and happy life. Parents of children with Down syndrome often put the needs of children above their own out of love and care. Caring is a rewarding experience. However, it also comes with many challenges. You may feel stressed out and feel physically and mentally exhausted while caring for your loved one over the long run.

The challenges must not keep you from caring for your child because parent support is of utmost importance for a child with Down syndrome. Fortunately, you can do many things to overcome the caregiving challenges and stress.

Consider getting help from a related support group, such as ExtendaTouch, that connects family caregivers who relate to your issues and stress. Our caring members can tell you as to how you can balance your work and family life with caring for your child having Down’s syndrome. They can provide you with emotional support and useful information to improve caregiving for your child as well as to care for yourself.

Down Syndrome Support Group
Children with Down syndrome and their families face many difficulties and challenges. ExtendaTouch has a Down’s syndrome support group that is full of more experienced family caregivers. You can use our online helpline to connect with caregivers who relate and share your experiences and challenges with them.

Our members can help reduce your stress and resolve any problems you might be facing. Our members are friendly, helpful, and understand what you and your child are going through. And they are always available to extend emotional support to you. Request contact of our members now and start getting help now.

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