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Does Treatment for Congenital Disabilities Exist?
A congenital disability is a health disorder that is present in a baby at birth. Depending on the type of defect, it can cause severe or mild physical or cognitive disabilities. Fortunately, treatments exist for specific congenital disabilities and to reduce the risk of problems resulting from some disorders.

Some congenital disabilities can be diagnosed even before the baby is born. In such a case, the mother may be prescribed medicines to treat the disorder before birth. Surgeries also exist to treat some types of congenital disabilities and to reduce severe symptoms.

Caring for someone with a congenital disability is a challenging task. You may experience emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. It is a good idea to get help from the right people in such a situation.

Try to connect with other family caregivers with similar experiences in online support groups, such as ExtendaTouch. Our fellow caregivers can help relieve your stress by extending emotional support. They can even provide you with helpful information and advice about the treatment of congenital disabilities.

Types of Congenital Disabilities and Getting Support
There are many types of congenital disabilities. The most common congenital disabilities include cleft lip, heart defects, abnormal limbs, and neural tube defects. The patients need certain types of health care, depending on the abnormality type. A person having a problem with the development of a body part needs different caring strategies than one with a cognitive disorder.

You can ask ExtendaTouch’s online community of family caregivers to share their experiences about caring for people with a specific birth abnormality. Our community members who relate can provide you with valuable information. They can give you caregiving tips and recommend helpful resources. Connect with our friendly community now and start exchanging information.

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