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Aging and Mobility Problems
Age-induced mobility impairment is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Older people experience difficulty moving around, climbing stairs, and sitting and standing. And they are also more at risk of falls. Mobility limitations in older people are caused by weak muscles and joints, pain, chronic diseases, and mental challenges. At times, functional disability and minor health problems can happen at the same time to affect mobility in seniors. 

Caregiving for older age people comes with many challenges. It can become stressful if the individual is entirely dependent on family members or a primary caregiver. Caregivers may feel physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted because they have to balance caregiving for an aged loved one with their work and family life. 

Caregivers require emotional support, and there’s no better place than the ExtendaTouch online community to find such support. Our online helpline for family caregivers is full of people who have gone through the same experience. Our members are ready to help you overcome the challenges of caring for an older person having mobility problems. 

Mobility Helpline
Mobility issues in older people is a major health condition. The affected person requires full-time care, and a caregiver is responsible for looking after the needs, requirements, and safety of the person. While other family members and assistive devices can be a great help, it is a good idea to seek advice from people with more experience in the subject.

You can ask ExtendaTouch members for information, advice, and useful ideas to provide better care for an older family member having mobility problems. Our members can give you valuable ideas and share helpful resources to help you cope with the challenges. They can tell you what strategies worked for them, and how you can use the same caregiving approaches. Request contact with our experienced fellow caregivers now, and start getting help.

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