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Use Diabetes Helpline to Understand the Symptoms
Caring for people living with diabetes is more than managing the disease. Family caregivers for people affected by diabetes need to thoroughly understand the disease and its symptoms and severe effects. Knowledge in these areas will help adapt caregiving to the patient's conditions and needs.

Diabetes care involves many challenges. You may be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted as a long-term caregiver for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Consider joining a diabetes community to get support. ExtendaTouch is a diabetes support group online for family caregivers to share knowledge and information and get emotional support.

Our friendly community members can provide you free diabetes advice online. You can discuss the symptoms with our community and ask for guidance on coping strategies based on the symptoms.

Get Help From Diabetes Support Group Online
While the early symptoms of diabetes are the same in men and women, the long-term symptoms may differ. Understanding the symptoms can help caregivers manage the disease more effectively because different coping strategies have to be used for various symptoms.

It is a good idea to head over to diabetes support groups to know more about the symptoms and caring strategies from people who have more experience as family caregivers. ExtendaTouch is one such support group that is full of our fellow caregivers with caregiving experience for diabetes patients.

Our diabetes online community members can give you emotional support, besides sharing information and ideas with you. Many of our members have more experience caring for people with diabetes. They are eager to provide online support and help you improve caregiving for people living with diabetes.

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