Helpline: Dementia - Frontal Lobe Support

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)
Frontal lobe dementia is a rare disease that happens when the frontal lobes of the brain start to contract. Also known as frontotemporal degeneration, the symptoms of FTD include speech problems, poor judgment, loss of inhibition and empathy, and behavior swings. This type of dementia differs from Alzheimer's disease in that frontal lobe dementia occurs at a younger age.

Frontal Lobe Dementia Support Groups
It is a major responsibility caring for a family member or friend affected by FTD and involves many challenges. As a family caregiver, if you experience challenging situations, it's wise to head over to support groups that relate.

There are many online support groups out there that offer help. ExtendaTouch is one such group where you can connect with and share your experience and challenges with other fellow caregivers who have been through similar situations. They can provide you free information, advice, and emotional support that would be helpful for you as well as your care recipient.

Caring for People With FTD
People with FTD require full-time care, which includes helping the care recipient with day-to-day activities, administering medications, and managing behavior swings. Understanding the types of FTD, such as primary progressive aphasia and semantic dementia, can help caregivers provide quality care to the patients.

Caregiver Challenges
Balancing your work and family life with caregiving entails many difficulties. You may feel exhausted, lonely, and overwhelmed during your caregiving journey. If you find yourself in those circumstances, you can seek help from healthcare professionals, your family members, and relevant support groups.

How Can ExtendaTouch Help?
ExtendaTouch is an online support service that exists to bring family caregivers together. You can join our group and share your challenges and problems with our more experienced family caregivers. They can provide you useful information and advice, in addition to supporting you emotionally. Request contact with our members now and start communicating.

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