Helpline: Dementia - Alcohol Induced Support

Dementia Caregiver Support and the Challenges
Family members experience an array of challenges when it comes to caring for a person with dementia, especially alcohol-induced dementia. Dementia causes memory loss, and in case of severe, long-term memory loss, family caregivers become exhausted and experience emotional trauma.

When dementia is caused by alcohol abuse, family members, spouse, and children of the care recipient experience additional problems. Caregivers for people with dementia require support, just as the people they are caring for.

Get Help From Dementia Support Group
If you are experiencing problems as a caregiver for someone with dementia, no matter if they are in the later or early stages of the condition, you should connect with relevant caregiver support groups. ExtendaTouch is an online helpline where family caregivers connect, discuss their challenges and problems, and get ideas, advice, solutions, and emotional support. Connect with our friendly fellow caregivers and start getting timely support and information.

Dementia Care
Friends and family need to understand that a loved one with dementia, even if it is alcohol-induced dementia, needs support to rehabilitate and recover from the condition. Dementia care requires empathy, emotional support, kindness, and patience. Caregivers must be familiar with all the facts and information about dementia and alcohol-associated mental health issues.

Dementia Helpline
Care recipients rely on their caregivers for their daily activities and need long-term care. This can be challenging for you in the long-run. If you feel overwhelmed or feel that you are about to burn out, consider getting respite care for your loved one and take a break. In the meantime, you can connect with ExtendaTouch members who relate to get support and re-energize yourself. Our members offer each other information, ideas, and emotional assistance.

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