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Importance of being a Caregiver Travel Companion
If your care recipient is disabled, aged, or seriously ill, traveling can be a challenge for them as well as yourself as a caregiver who accompanies the care recipient. Your loved one may want to go to a family gathering miles away or want to attend a family event in another state or city. Driving is not an option, but flying comes with its own problems. A companion caregiver can be a huge relief to a care recipient in that scenario.

However, accompanying a dependent person during travel comes with its own challenges for the caregiver. ExtendaTouch is an online helpline for family caregivers to meet and exchange ideas and information. If you need help as a caregiver travel companion, you can ask our fellow caregivers for travel ideas and tips.

Companion Caregiver Tips
Many care services and assisted living facilities offer travel companion service. It is a good idea to get help from a senior care facility if a loved one or elderly with a health issue wants to travel. Many aging people with health problems require full time or part-time help, especially when it comes to home care and travel.

If you decide to be a caregiver travel companion for a loved one, be sure to do your research and ask for help and ideas from other family members and support groups, including ExtendaTouch. Our fellow caregivers who have gone through similar experiences can share ideas, tips, and information with you that will make companion caregiver traveling less stressful.

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Travel with the disabled or elderly can be a challenge. I'd be glad to exchange travel tips with you.