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Causes of Caregiver Guilt
As a family caregiver, chances are you have already felt guilty of not doing enough for your loved one who needs your support. Caregiver guilt is common for most people to experience and in majority cases, it is self-imposed. And patients with serious health issues may inflict guilt on their caregivers, even on their family members.  

Caregiver support groups can help you cope with the guilt-trip and get emotional support. ExtendaTouch is one such group where you can connect with our fellow family caregivers with similar experiences. They can share useful information and ideas with you to help you liberate yourself from the feeling of guilt.  

Managing Caregiver Guilt
During your caregiving journey, accepting the fact that your loved one is not well can help you overcome the feeling of guilt. Your aging parents may be angry or depressed and take out their frustration on you. As a result, you may experience burnout and physical and mental exhaustion. Family caregivers must learn to manage and overcome these negative feelings.  

If you think you are not doing enough for your loved one, consider getting help from assisted living facilities or a nursing home. These facilities specialize in caring for seniors and people with serious health issues. But be sure to discuss it with your family members beforehand. Spending enough time with the care recipient at a nursing home every day or every other day can lessen your guilt. By doing so, you can also rest assured that your loved one is getting quality care.  

ExtendaTouch is a support group for family caregivers to exchange free information and provide emotional support to each other. You can ask our fellow caregivers for help to manage guilt associated with caregiving.

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