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Caregiver Stress Statistics and the Burden of Care

Caregiving involves exhausting and demanding activities, especially when the caregiver feels that they have little control over the circumstances. Caregiver stress statistics indicate that:

  • One-third of caregivers experience some form of depression
  • Caregivers have considerably higher mortality rates
  • Nearly 50 percent of caregivers exhaust their savings to support themselves

In light of these statistics, you must make sure to balance your caregiving responsibilities with your work and mental and physical health. Reach out to the right people to get support whenever you experience stress symptoms and exhaustion. Consider talking to a friend or neighbor, or get in touch with specialized care services and support groups for help.

ExtendaTouch is an online group of family caregivers where people with similar experiences meet, exchange information, and get emotional and mental support. Whether you're caring for a spouse or someone with Alzheimer's disease or any other serious health issue, you can request contact with our unpaid, informal caregiver who relates and get support.

Home Care and Caregiving Duties
As a caregiver, you know you've taken a big responsibility to care for a loved one. There is no doubt that caregiving is rewarding, but it comes with many stressors. And long term care means long-term challenges. It can be disheartening if there is no sign that the health condition of the care recipients, especially older adults, is not going to get better.

It is, therefore, important for caregivers to access groups where they can find encouragement and emotional support. ExtendaTouch is one such group where other family caregivers offer free support, ideas, advice, and information to other caregivers. Our members can help reduce your stress considerably and provide you tips to balance caregiving with your own health care, hope, and joy in life. Keep in mind that if you don't get timely support, the stressors can eventually lead to burnout.

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