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Steps to Become a Caregiver
When you have a family member who is seriously ill and needs special care, you may need to step in as a primary caregiver. Here are some steps you need to follow to become a primary caregiver for your loved one.

Step 1: Create legal documents
Signing an advance directive and health care proxy is the first step to becoming an official caregiver. It will give you legal powers to decide on behalf of the person having health issues, without getting challenged by other family members. Contact our more experienced fellow caregivers on ExtendaTouch to know more about this step.

Step 2: Consult with your relatives
Involve other relevant people, such as immediate family members, of the subject into making you the caregiving authority. You can either hold a family meeting for the purpose or talk to each member separately. Sort out medical care, financial matters, dividing caregiving activities, and living arrangement for your loved one in this step.
Find out more about this step from our online support group at ExtendaTouch.

Step 3: Use all available resources
Becoming a full-time caregiver and dedicating the required number of hours to caring for a family member having an illness can be challenging. Get help from resources including social workers, senior care services, certified nursing bodies, nursing homes, and other care services to explore how you can be an effective and knowledgeable caregiver.

To make long term care less stressful, think about arranging adult daycare and services like Meals on Wheels. Be sure to discuss these arrangements in advance with other family members.

How can ExtendaTouch Help?
ExtendaTouch is full of family caregivers who have gone through these experiences. They can provide you more details about these steps, in addition to helping you cope with the challenges that come with the responsibilities of caregiving.

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Surprise! Whether you have a disabled child or aging parent moving in, getting started and prepped in advance can be a challenge. I'd be glad to exchange ideas with you in this area.
Starting out at as a caregiver can be overwhelming but speaking to someone that has already done it, can be very comforting and help you stay focused and healthy. Having cared for a stage 4 tonsil cancer patient, I am happy to give my tips on how to be the best caregiver while taking care of yourself too.