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Hospice Caregiver Support
Getting the service of a hospice caregiver is an essential element of caregiving. Because most caregivers are family members or friends with little or no caregiving training or experience. But your lack of experience shouldn't keep you from extending quality caregiving to your loved one.

It is a good idea to get the support of a hospice team. You can use hospice and palliative care to supplement the care you already provide at home. While the hospice team members will regularly check on the care recipient, you will continue to be the primary caregiver. Their services are helpful, but they cant replace family caregivers.

For more information, reach out to our fellow caregivers at ExtendaTouch, who have experience working with the hospice team. They will share with you their knowledge of choosing and working with hospice caregivers.

Duties of Hospice Caregivers
A hospice caregiver's responsibilities can include many tasks, from hopping grocery to cooking meals and handling doctor appointments to managing finances. You, as a primary family caregiver, can decide the duties you want to do yourself and those you wish to assign to the hospice member. The hospice team members can even help manage pain and provide personal care to the patient, besides helping with bathing and changing bed sheets.

A hospice caregiver will support you emotionally and physically by taking over many of the overwhelming responsibilities. Hospice team members are also an excellent source of caregiving education. Ask them questions and address your concerns so your loved one can get better care.

Many members of the ExtendaTouch support group have experience working with hospice caregivers. If you have any questions in mind or want more information or advice, you can always request contact with our fellow members and start communicating.

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I have years of experience I can share if it will help.
Hello -my name is Tom & I live in PA, my girlfriend (we are both 69) has an inoperable tumor on her liver. We hope to build her liver function up to where she may be a candidate for immune-therapy. I have assisted with the care giving of 2 prior partners. An ear & heart with some experience is what I'm in need of thanks!
I was the sole caregiver for my husband for several years as his liver disease deteriorated his body leading up to the last 9 months of his life became more 24/7 support.
I work in animal hospice.
I have some experience in this subject I can share.
Seek the help with hospice to support you through the end of life journey. Listen to the patient and their wishes during this time. There was no hospice during my father's journey in the late seventies. Our family could have used the wonderful services of hospice at the time. Totally different experience when my sister passed in 2018. We worked with a wonderful hospice team that glided us to help my sister stay at home and be around family at her end of life journey.
I have some experience in this subject I can share.
I worked for a hospice company for two years and assisted patients, families, and healthcare providers in navigating the onboarding process with hospice services.