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Importance of Caregivers Training
In most cases, family members take responsibility for home care of another family member who needs help. Family caregivers need to have at least the basic caregiving skills and know-how of the hands-on strategies to take care of a frail senior or an ill loved one at home.

But caregiving comes with more challenges that can be physically and emotionally overwhelming unless you are a professional caregiver with specialized knowledge and skills in the field. For example, caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease can be difficult and even upsetting for people who lack training.

ExtendaTouch is here to help! You can connect with more experienced and real family caregivers in our online support group and get help. They will give you helpful tips and advice or even share valuable resources to improve your caregiving and coping skills.

Do You Need Caregiving Training?
If you feel you are on the brink of physical or emotional burnout while caring for a loved one, you might lack basic caregiving training. In this case, you should consider taking a break and enroll in basic caregiving training programs. You don't need to get a caregiver certification because it's time-consuming and has strict training requirements.

An active family caregiver should have proper skills to help the patient with daily challenges. Basic first aid, personal care, and abuse and neglect - you have to know how to handle these things as a family caregiver.

If formal basic caregiver training is not a viable option for you, consider joining support groups where you can learn from other people who have been through similar circumstances. ExtendaTouch is one of the online groups where you can meet our fellow caregivers, get help, information, and advice for free. Request contacts from our fellow caregivers and start getting help right now.

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