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Many people quickly learn how difficult it is to be a family caregiver, and it happens when we least expect it and It can be extremely challenging to manage your new life, schedule, and routine when caring for a loved one. That is why ExtendaTouch is here to help! The ExtendaTouch caregiver logistics helpline will enable you to connect with actual people who experience the same daily challenges.

ExtendaTouch is completely free. Experienced members share stories and friendly support that can help you feel part of a positive group. All types of people gather to share experiences and wisdom that can help everyone live their best life while providing care for their loved ones.

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rebekahkelley, Volunteer Coach
Hi everyone! My name is Rebekah and I work in a nursing home in central Georgia. We have to arrange transportation for multiple residents throughout the year so I can offer some tips and tricks to help with the logistics of caregiving. Please reach out if you have any questions and I would be more than happy to help. Rebekah K.
Personal Experience about offering help is assisting my aunt before passing away when she had cancer. I drove her to the hospital whenever she felt like having emergency, and helping my cousins with her with time for medicine shower and more
I have some experience in this subject I can share.
I have years of experience I can share if it will help.
I have experienced in-home caregivers. I have experience in getting my mother into a assisted living facility. I have experience moving her into a rehab facility and now into skilled care.
Many years of caregiving (living in my home, outside of home, and long distance support) offers me several opportunities to get creative with
I live in a community of aging adults and have help many in a variety of ways. I have years of experience I can share if it will help.
I cared for my father part time in the last few years of his life after his wife passed away.