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The Challenge of Caregiver Loneliness
As a family caregiver, you know caregiver loneliness is not unusual. And you may assume you’re the only one experiencing isolation and loneliness while caring for your aging parents or a loved one having health problems. But social isolation is present among most family caregivers. The activities involved in caregiving and the time commitment can make it challenging for you to do your routine life activities.

Caregivers must realize that their own health is vital to give quality care and support to an ailing family member. Never ignore the emotional, physical, and mental symptoms of caregiver loneliness because it can eventually cause caregiver burnout. Staying active, meeting your family members, and social interaction can help you cope with caregiver isolation.

If you don’t have family and friends around to socialize, consider getting online help. ExtendaTouch is an online caregiver support group for family caregivers to share their experiences, exchange information, and get emotional support. Our helpline members can provide you compassionate and free support to cope with caregiver isolation.

Join a Caregiver Support Group
Caregiving is indeed a demanding task, and many caregivers start to feel lonely as caregiving turns into a full-time job. While caring for your aging parents comes with many rewards, you must not let it take a toll on your health. It is essential to stay socially active, so you can provide quality care to your loved one.

ExtendaTouch provides you the opportunity to socialize with and get support and information from family caregivers who relate. Our fellow caregivers are friendly and helpful. You can ask them questions, request information, and get emotional support. Connecting with people having similar experiences can help you fight the symptoms of loneliness and improve caregiving.

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Hello, I'm here for you! Being a caregiver can be very lonely, especially if you can't get out and socialize yourself. Whether through the virtual world or in person, I'd be glad to have a tea party or any adventure we can think of to get out of our minds support each other.
I have years of experience I can share if it will help.