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Using Caregiver Activity Sources to Cope With the Challenges
Whether you are a family caregiver for an older adult or an ailing person who requires support, you know caregiving is not always pleasant. While it is rewarding, you will face caregiving issues, challenges, and difficulties at times. You may feel overwhelmed and drained. In extreme cases, family caregivers experience burnout and mental and physical health issues. You may consider respite care to recover and re-energize when faced with severe challenges.

It is vital to balance your own health and work and family life with caregiving for your loved one. Keeping active can re-energize your body and mind, leading to more satisfaction with home care for your loved one. Be sure to participate in activities of common interest between you and the care recipient. You can even engage other family members in the activities. This will create more joy and fun, which is essential for you and the person you are caring for.

Ask for Help
If you are unsure about what activities are useful, you can ask others for help. For example, you can request a physician to recommend activities or consider getting help from people with similar experiences in support groups. ExtendaTouch is an online helpline for caregivers. You can connect with our fellow, experienced caregivers who relate to ask for advice and help with caregiver activities. They can give you valuable ideas and recommend useful caregiver resources.

Some of the useful caregiving activities include:

  • Creative and craft activities
  • Family activities
  • Music activities
  • Physical relaxation and outdoors
  • Intellectual stimulations
  • Reminiscing activities
  • Visiting nursing homes and support services

Head over to the Family Caregiver Alliance to get more ideas or contact ExtendaTouch members for help. Our members offer free information and advice to family members who need help. ExtendaTouch is a great resource to get emotional support from people who can relate to you.

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To Avoid Burnout, share care-giving responsibility with other family members. Know that some nursing home & Adult homes offer Respite care (short term care ) for those whom need a break for a vacation or simply getting rest. Normally this is about a week long.
Experiencedcaregiver, Coach
Everyone needs a break. I was a remote caregiver for my mom and would travel monthly to visit my sister, who could take a break a week at a time.
Doing the same thing for weeks, months or years can be draining. I'd love to exchange ideas on avoiding burnout.
Caring for a stage 4 tonsil cancer patient while raising four children certainly pushed me to my limit. Avoiding burnout was very important in keeping my family together. I'm happy to talk to anyone who might be looking for advice, want some perspective, or just need to vent.
I have years of experience I can share if it will help.
I have some experience in this subject I can share.
I have some experience in this subject I can share.