Animal Hospice Helpline: Animal Hospice Support

Pet Hospice Care
The connection one can have with their pet often outweighs many human friendships and relationships. The lifespan of pets is shorter than most average pets. Your pet will live their entire lives by your side.

A pet in their old age may get diagnosed with a terminal illness. Things become more challenging when you decide to provide your beloved pet hospice care at home. As a pet owner, seeing your furry family member gradually go from being happy and active in living their final days can be emotionally challenging. Your family members and other individuals who have provided hospice care for their pets could help you cope with the challenges.

ExtendaTouch's pet hospice caregivers' support group makes it easy for pet parents to meet online, share information, and provide emotional support to each other. Having someone who has been through the same circumstances will help you provide better care to your furry friend during their last days.

Veterinary Hospice Helpline
Providing animal hospice care entails making sure your pet's life is comfortable in their final days. It is a good idea to surround your pet with their favorite toys and people, creating the most comfortable environment. Some vets provide the option to home-euthanize your pet. You might pick that option, bring your pet into the veterinarian, or just wait for your pet's natural death. Either way, you're going to experience a lot of emotion.

Being the active caregiver for a terminally ill pet can take a toll on your mental health. This usually worsens when you end up grieving your pet loss. Getting support from ExtendaTouch's pet hospice support group can help you connect with other individuals who are in or have been in the same place. Our group members may help ease your grief and pressure and ensure your pet gets better care during their last days.

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