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Caregiver Privacy Issues
If you ask family caregivers about their challenges, they will probably tell you that caregiver privacy problems are among the top challenges. As a caregiver for someone who needs your help with health care, you are also responsible for ensuring their privacy as well as your own privacy. All humans deserve respect and privacy, and this need does not change when a person ages or becomes ill or dependent.

Caregivers require privacy as much as the people they care for. Balancing caregiving and family time is a common privacy challenge that many caregivers experience. Spending more time caring for your loved one can create time for your own privacy, which can trigger tensions and other problems.

As a caregiver, it is important to ensure your loved one's privacy as well as your own physical and psychological privacy. It is easier said than done without outside help, and discussing any concerns with another family member who has another perspective can be helpful. Getting help from support groups can also provide useful information.

ExtendaTouch is an online support group where family caregivers come together, exchange valuable information, and get support. If you want help with privacy for yourself or the person you are caring for, our fellow caregivers can provide you information and their own experiences.

Coping With the Privacy Problems
Both you and your aging parent or whoever you are caring for need physical privacy. You don't have to be present with the person in close-quarters 24 hours a day. But it can be quite challenging if you have a small home, and the care recipient has health problems like Alzheimer's or other mental health issues. These problems can cause a care recipient to suddenly move into your private space.

Many caregivers need help coping with the challenges and problems of privacy for themselves and their care recipients. If you are also experiencing any such issue, you can ask for help, ideas, and information from ExtendaTouch members who can relate to this issue. Request contact with our experienced family caregivers now and start a conversation.

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