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Pet Caregiving: A Burden or Positive Experience?
Whether you have your own pet or are a family caregiver for a senior who has a pet, you may also have to take the role of a pet caregiver. Pet caregiving can be a positive experience as well as a burden at times.

Research indicates that caring for a pet often becomes burdensome, but you can reduce this feeling by having a positive outlook on caregiving. It can be more challenging and even trigger emotional problems in caregivers who care for their loved ones as well as their pets.

ExtendaTouch is an online support group where you can meet with our fellow pet caregivers to get information, ideas, or advice about dealing with or caring for a pet, with or without its ailing owner. Request contact of our members with similar experience and get free support and advice.

Pet Caregiving Responsibilities
As a pet caregiver, you have to consider many different factors before taking this big responsibility. Pets have been shown to be of benefit to seniors because they provide emotional and psychological benefits. Taking the role of a pet caregiver comes with many responsibilities. You'll have to do pet sitting and provide holistic pet care for your own beloved pet or that of your parent or anyone you are caring for. Taking your family members into confidence, and dividing the responsibilities can be a huge relief.

But what can you do when your parents or someone you are caring for is no longer able to care for their pets? When you have a proper plan in place, it can make for a smoother transition. Our fellow caregivers at ExtendaTouch can share their pet caregiving experiences with you and help you balance this additional responsibility and provide emotional support.

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