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Moving Elderly Parents Into Your Home
Like most other adult children, you may have promised your parents that you would keep them in your home instead of sending them to a senior center, assisted living residence, or nursing home. But you may find yourself in a difficult situation when the time comes, and you one or both of your elderly parents require full-time care.

When your aging parents move in, a lot depends on whether anyone of them has a chronic illness, the extent of caregiving, and the type of living arrangement required. As a family caregiver, you want to do the best for your parents. You may take on essential responsibilities out of elderly love or need.

ExtendaTouch community members who have experience with an elderly parent move in can tell you what changes you can expect. They can give you information about your responsibilities and ideas about better caregiving. If you ever feel exhausted, they can provide you emotional support. Contact our members who relate and start exchanging information now.

Responsibilities and Challenges
Caring for older adults who move in is rewarding as well as challenging. It can affect a caregiver's life in various ways because senior living is different from that of a young person. As an adult child, if you feel that your parents require long term and full-time care, it's time you should call a family meeting to discuss the issue with other family members, such as your siblings.

To get more information about the associated responsibilities and challenges, request contact of our fellow caregivers with relevant experience. Our members can provide you free ideas, advice, information, and emotional support.

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