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Cancer survivors are individuals living with cancer of any type. Cancer survivorship, including breast cancer survivorship, is centered on the life and health of the patient after completion of cancer treatment and to the end of life. Family caregivers for people with cancer are sometimes referred to as co-survivors because they survive the difficulties and challenges of caregiving during the diagnosis and treatment period.

Cancer patients and their caregivers experience emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges. Caregivers often become overwhelmed at times because it is not easy to take care of the patient and yourself at the same time. Given these challenges, they need a survivorship care plan for the patient as well as themselves.

A good idea is to get support and information from online support groups. Whether you need help with care planning or want emotional support or advice, you can ask our fellow caregivers at ExtendaTouch for help. You can find many people with similar or more experience in our online group for cancer caregivers who are always eager to extend support.

Comprehensive Cancer Care Plan
A comprehensive cancer care plan can help both the patient and caregivers overcome the associated challenges. A good plan will involve:
  • Routine assessment of the needs, requirements, and conditions of the cancer survivor.
  • Information and resources for family caregivers to provide better, long term care for the patients as well as themselves and make educated decisions.
  • A mechanism to optimize treatment and care for the patient, covering cancer therapy, physical activity, and nutrition.

Our network of fellow caregivers on ExtendaTouch will share genuine, real-life cancer survivorship stories and solutions with you. They can tell you how you can balance your own emotional and mental needs with those of the patient you care caring for. Request contact of our members who relate and start asking questions and discussing ideas.

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