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Cancer patients need support throughout their fight against the disease. One of the essential standard practices to fight cancer is doing exercises. Caregivers, such as family members, are supposed to help and motivate their loved ones with cancer to exercise. Physical activities help curb the adverse effects of the disease and the side effects of cancer treatment.

But providing emotional and physical support to someone with cancer can be overwhelming and stressful. Moreover, you need reliable information about what exercises are effective and useful. Fortunately, there are online groups for people to find valuable information, advice, and support.

ExtendaTouch has a cancer caregiver support group where you can meet other caregivers to exchange information and find support. Our fellow caregivers offer support and information to other caregivers for free. Friends and family of people with cancer can use our cancer helpline to connect with other experienced caregivers to get help.

Get Cancer Advice Online
Our cancer support group online is full of people who relate and have gone through similar experiences in their journey of caring for a loved one with cancer. They can provide you with useful information, ideas, and advice about the exercises for a person with cancer, not to mention the emotional support you’ll find on the group.

Keep in mind that seeking help and sharing your experience with others who relate is really useful in overcoming the challenges of caregiving for cancer patients. Never hesitate to talk to our fellow caregivers at ExtendaTouch. They can tell you what exercises are best for people with cancer.

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