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Back Pain Relief
The pain associated with a back injury can range from mild to chronic and affect different localized areas of the back. No matter what the type and severity of the pain, it can affect the person's quality of life in one way or another. The good news is that pain management, lifestyle changes, and physical therapy can relieve or reduce pain.

For lower back pain relief, your doctor may prescribe you pain relief medications. Over-the-counter pain-reliever drugs can also help. You may do specific exercises, take bed rest, and maintain good posture to strengthen your spinal cord and thoracic spine. The same holds for upper back pain relief. Stretching and strengthening exercises and deep breath effectively reduce upper back pain. For chronic back pain relief, the treatment options may include surgical intervention, use of narcotics, bed rest, antidepressant use, and alternative treatments.

ExtendaTouch members who have recovered from back pain can tell you more about the pain relief interventions they used. You can ask them questions and address your concerns. Our fellow members can even provide you with information and advice about using different pain relief methods.

Get Support to Cope With the Challenges
While back pain is a challenge in itself to cope with, it can affect your mobility and overall quality of life as well. The pain, feeling of loneliness during bed rest, and mobility problems can affect your mental and emotional wellbeing. Getting support from friends and family members and support groups during these testing times can be a huge relief.

ExtendaTouch has an online support group for back injury and pain relief. You can use our helpline to meet people who have had similar experiences and are knowledgeable about back pain relief. They can provide you emotional support and help reduce your physical and psychological distress.

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