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Physical Therapy for Back Pain
Physical therapy for back pain and strengthening exercises decreases back pain and improves mobility. There are different physical therapies available for different types of back pain. For example, physical therapy for lower back pain includes lower tummy strengthening, deep abdominal strengthening, bird dog, and pelvic tilts. These exercises are also useful for acute low back pain.

Living with back pain of any sort is undoubtedly a challenge. Physical pain, combined with the mental and emotional agony, can take a toll on your overall health. Be sure to get help from your family and friends to cope with these challenges. Also, consider getting help from online support communities, such as ExtendaTouch. Our fellow members who have gone through similar experiences can provide you with emotional support. They can even guide you about the different physical therapies and their benefits.

Physical Therapy for Upper Back Pain
Physical therapy for upper back pain includes manual traction, soft tissue mobilization, and heat/cold therapy. These exercises are great for strengthening shoulder blades and lumbar spine, besides easing pain resulting from poor posture. And physical therapy exercises for mid back pain and mild upper back pain involve the use of pain modulation techniques and manual traction, including arm and leg exercises and stretching and strengthening.

Medical professionals and certified physical therapists can tell you as to which of these exercises are best for you. What exercise is best for one person may not be helpful for another. ExtendaTouch offers you the chance to meet and get help and information from people who relate. Use our online helpline to get support and advice about the different physical therapies for back pain from people who have more experience using physical treatments for back pain.

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