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Pain After Back Surgery
Getting rid of chronic back pain often requires surgical intervention, such as spinal fusion and lumbar hernia surgery. The thought of getting an invasive procedure that will cause more temporary pain scares many people. While the operation and recovery period look scary, successful back surgery will give you relief from the permanent back pain. So, what type of pain will you experience post-surgery?

Well, you should expect back pain after surgery, especially in the operated area. Some people experience temporary hip pain after surgery. Nerve pain after back surgery is also common, and so is leg pain. These discomforts are temporary and will fade when the incisions heal. However, a failed back surgery syndrome, spine surgery went wrong, or nerve damage during surgery can cause moderate or chronic pain in different areas of the body, including leg pain and nerve pain.

ExtendaTouch has a dedicated support group for back injuries. If surgery is recommended or you are considering surgery, it is a good idea to discuss your plan with other individuals in our group. Our community members can share their experiences of back surgery and tell you what to expect during and post-surgery.

Pain Management and Support
Post-surgery pain management is an essential part of a smooth recovery after any surgical intervention, including back surgery. You will get detailed instructions to follow and medications to take. You may even get a recommendation for spinal cord stimulation to cope with postoperative discomforts.

Different surgeries require different postoperative coping techniques. Your surgeon can tell you best as to what you can do to cope with back pain after hernia surgery. In any case, the doctor may prescribe you pain relief drugs and physical therapy to ease the persistent pain after the operation.

The period of deciding to go under the knife until recovering after back surgery can be stressful, overwhelming, and full of anxiety. Consider getting support from ExtendaTouch community members to cope with these negative feelings. Other individuals in our group who have had back surgery can tell you about their experiences and provide you helpful advice and information for postoperative pain management.

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